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Buying a Second Home in Another State

Whether you’re relocating one state over or traveling across the country, moving to a new place brings many changes. Moving across state lines gives you many “new” things to look forward to, including a new neighborhood, new school district, and of course – a new house. Buying a new home in another state can be simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking. However, we offer some tips to make the process as stress-free as possible.

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Get a Mortgage

Getting a mortgage in another state may be slightly more challenging than getting a mortgage in the state where you currently live. However, it is still possible to get a loan from a mortgage company Las Vegas, even though the process may take slightly longer. Additionally, an important tip to keep in mind is that your rationale for purchasing a home in another state is a factor the mortgage lender will consider when deciding whether or not to finance your new home.

Search Online

When it comes to moving between states, the internet can be a powerful tool. It’s easy to go online to learn more about places you might want to live, including cities and neighborhoods. You can also peruse local listings to find out more about the local housing market and seek out agents who specialize in selling homes in the immediate area. It’s also a good idea to contact several of them so that they know what you’re looking for and can provide you with information on new homes that come on the market. If you’re searching online for homes in a specific area, such as downtown Los Angeles, be sure to specify that in your keyword search. (Read more on mortgage rates after Covid 19.)

Ask Around

If you already know people who are living in a place where you’re planning to move, ask for their recommendations on places to live. They can likely suggest good neighborhoods and areas to live, along with places that are better to avoid. If you don’t have local connections, the next best option is to connect with a buyer’s real estate agent. A local buyer’s real estate agent can be on the lookout for the type of home you’re searching for and let you know if something comes up. It’s essential to select a buyer’s agent rather than a seller’s agent, as a seller’s agent will most likely work in the seller’s best interest.

Cost of Living In Other StatesLearn the Cost of Living In Other States

Whether you’re moving to a new place for personal reasons or a new job, one of the factors to consider before you go is the cost of living. The cost of living includes more than just the price tag on your new home. It also encompasses your salary, healthcare, food, housing, and entertainment. Some places naturally cost considerably more than others. Moving from Omaha, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado, for instance, can translate to a 6% increase in the cost of living and an 11% increase in tax rates. Additionally, major cities are generally among the most expensive places to live. Before searching for mortgages in Las Vegas, you’ll want to know the cost of living, which in turn lets you know how much you can comfortably spend on a home.

Create a Checklist

There’s a lot to think about when moving. However, creating a moving checklist is a great way to stay organized. There are many things to think about when moving, including joining a new gym and getting new healthcare coverage. You’ll also have to register your vehicle in a new state, too. Creating a moving checklist helps you keep track of all the changes you’ll need to make, large and small, when you relocate.

Get Mortgage Pre-Approval

Getting pre-approval for a mortgage from a mortgage company Las Vegas is essential when you’re moving to a new place. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage also entails checking your credit score, which is equally important to know before you select a home. A good credit score allows you to get the most competitive interest rates, which in turn translates to maximal savings. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage also means that you can close on a home more quickly when you find one that you want to buy.Mortgages Las Vegas

Schedule a Home Inspection

Before settling on any home, you’ll want to make sure to schedule a home inspection. In some instances, an inspection is essential as part of the sales contract for a home sale. However, an inspection isn’t always required if you are buying the house “as is” or with cash. In those cases, you’ll need to arrange the inspection yourself. A thorough inspection should include evaluating the entire house from the roof to the foundation. An inspector should also look at the plumbing, wiring, and HVAC system. A professional inspection can cost up to several hundred dollars, but it also prevents you from purchasing a home with hidden problems.

Buying a Home in One State While Living in Another

If you’re moving to another state, let us help. Contact us today for more tips and advice on moving across states and advise on long-distance relocation.