When Is The Best Time To Sell a Home

Selling a home for top dollar takes a bit of luck and a bit of strategy. Ideally, you will put your home on the market in April, May or June. This allows a buyer to put in an offer, get financing and close on the purchase during the late spring or early summer. Let’s look at why buyers are more likely to be looking at homes during this time of year.

spring the best time to sell properties

Spring Weather Is Better

Nothing puts a damper on a home search more than cold or snowy weather. When the temperatures get cold outside, leaving the house or apartment for even a few minutes can be a daunting task. No one wants to spend 10 minutes putting on multiple layers of clothing and starting the car. Furthermore, it can be mentally exhausting trying to navigate snowy roads on the way to a showing.

The Kids Will Be Out of School

Parents want to be able to move to their new home when their children are out of school. If a child is currently in school, it is typically easier to allow that son or daughter to stay in the same place for the rest of the year. Furthermore, it can be easier to complete a move when the schedule is free of parent-teacher conferences or sporting events. (Read on how to use lower interest rates to your advantage.)

Don’t Forget to Provide Good Value for a Buyer’s Money

Simply putting your home on the market in the spring isn’t enough to generate interest in it on its own. A loan officer in Las Vegas can help you price it in line with market expectations and showcase the various features that it comes with. Your real estate agent can help you determine how to showcase the property in a way that will get it off the market as quickly as possible.