Home Selling Guide – What You Should Tell a Potential Buyer About Your Home

Someone who is looking to buy your home will want to know as much about it before making a purchase offer. While you may not want to talk about the mold in the basement or the recent ant problem, a potential buyer will have an opportunity to inspect the home. Therefore, most of your home’s secrets are going to come out at some point. If you’re upfront with a buyer, he or she may be willing to overlook them.

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What Should You Disclose to Buyers About Damage to the Home?

Ideally, you will disclose to buyers any damage to the home that has been recently repaired or will likely need to be taken care of in the near future. For instance, if you have chosen to patch the roof instead of replacing it completely, be sure to mention that. Honesty and transparency may help to prevent a lawsuit or protect you in the event that the new owner takes legal action against you.

Emphasize Warranties or Protection Plans

If the furnace is under warranty for the next few years, you should highlight that to anyone who is interested in purchasing your house. It can also be a good idea to highlight the protection plan that your roofing or siding contractor provided when those components were repaired or upgraded. Generally speaking, it is much easier to sell a property quickly and for top dollar when it costs less to maintain. (Read more on mistakes to avoid when making a house offer.)

Lenders May Perform Their Own Inspections As a Home Selling Guide

It is not uncommon for mortgage brokers in Las Vegas to work with buyers who use FHA or other government loans to buy a home. As part of the loan process, the lender may do its own inspection to ensure that the home is in reasonable condition. Therefore, it is even more important to be upfront about a home’s flaws if you plan on accepting offers from such individuals.