Why You Need to Stage Your Home

You likely know that it is important to clean your home and add curb appeal prior to the first open house or buyer showing. However, you may not have given as much thought to staging the home. If you want to impress buyers and pique their interest, it is important to make each room look its best.

Staging Helps Invite the Buyer Into the Home

Staging a home can help to make it a spacious and welcoming environment for everyone who steps inside of it. Ideally, you will add as much light to each room as possible, and if you are showing a home on a cool or cold day, be sure to turn the thermostat up. You could also choose to have a fire to make the home feel as cozy and warm as possible.

home staging

Help Create a Narrative

Let’s say that there is a room in your home that doesn’t necessarily fit as a dining room or a living room. By placing a crate of children’s toys in that space, you can tell a buyer that it works well as a play area. By putting some books on a shelf near the window, it tells buyers that it can be a great place to relax on a sunny day. (Read on what do sellers consider when making an offer.)

Staging a Home Is No Easy Task – Maximize the Equity in Your Home

The more money that you get from the sale of your current home, the more that you can put down on your next property. In some cases, a larger down payment can help secure a lower interest rate or other favorable terms on a future mortgage. A mortgage company in Las Vegas can work with you to determine how to make the most of your equity.