The Importance of Maintenance to Home Before Selling

importance of maintenance to home before selling

What to Fix Prior to Selling Your House

Buyers are generally aware of the fact that all homes have some issues with them. For instance, they may expect that the bathroom is somewhat dated or that the roof may only have a few years of useful life left. How do you decide whether or not you should remedy an issue with your home before selling it?

Is the Problem Considered to Be Significant?

If the roof is leaking, you will want to fix that before listing your home. This is because it will significantly impact the new owner’s ability to enjoy the property. Furthermore, it would be an expensive one to remedy as well. However, if you notice that there are some scuff marks on the wall, it may not be worth taking care of as it can be easily fixed or covered by the new owner. (Learn more about the fiduciary responsibilities of mortgage brokers here.)

Does It Erode Buyer Confidence?

Buyers need to feel confident about the properties that they are purchasing. This is why it is always a good idea to seal the driveway or get rid of a dead tree before you list your property. If you think that a problem with your home will make a buyer less likely to put an offer in on it, take the time to correct it. Otherwise, it may not be worth the time and effort it would take to do so.

What’s Your Price Point?

The price point of the home may also dictate whether you decide to fix an issue. Generally speaking, people get what they pay for when purchasing a home. Therefore, it may not be necessary to fix the carpet on a $100,000 home whereas buyers may expect perfect floors when purchasing a $500,000 home. If you are in the market for a fixer-upper, a loan officer in Las Vegas may help you find financing to pay for upgrades.