3 Professionals Involved in a Las Vegas Real Estate Transaction

When you purchase a home, you are going to work with a few professionals. Each is responsible for a specific task of the real estate process. Mortgage brokers in Las Vegas, for example, are tasked with the responsibility of finding a loan for his client. Often, these brokers have access to many lenders or they work directly for a few. Either way, they are connected and likely to find the best loans at the best rates.

Here are three more professionals involved in a real estate transaction.


If you are a buyer, you have the option to hire an agent to represent your interests in a Las Vegas real estate transaction. If you are a seller, you can hire an agent to represent your interests, too. The agent is tasked with the responsibility of negotiating the buying or selling price. The agent is also the professional who will set up a home inspection, if requested.

Loan Officer

While a Las Vegas mortgage broker has access to an array of loans, the loan officer is the professional who will actually process the paperwork. Once the loan is obtained, the officer looks over the application. He ensures that all information is filled in and correct. He also double checks that all necessary documents have been submitted. The loan officer works directly with the lending institution representatives to secure the financing for the buyer at desired terms.


As a buyer, you have the option to request a home inspection. Your agent will often have contacts in their Rolodex they can hire for the task. The cost of the inspection is added to the other fees involved in a real estate transaction.

Purchasing a property is an exciting endeavor. You may work with Las Vegas mortgage brokers in addition to other professionals as you move to close the deal.