Hello.  My name is John Drennen and I am the Sales Manager at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Las Vegas.

Short term rentals are now even more restrictive in Las Vegas after the City Council added these three new rules.  The property must actually be owner-occupied, meaning the owner does live at the property, There cannot be more than three bedrooms, The property is not closer than 660 feet to another short-term rental property.  Please note that As long as an existing property that does not abide by these new guidelines is properly licensed and is operating legally, it will be allowed to operate.

NFL Action….a lot of upsets this week, but nothing was more exciting than the final play in the Patriots and Dolphins game in which 2 laterals and a missed tackle allowed Miami to win with no time left.

Back to Las Vegas news….In a tribute to the early career of Howard Hughes, the Las Vegas 51s officially became the Las Vegas Aviators

Per Freddie Mac, the gap between supply and demand in the housing market is contributing to affordability constraints that are likely to limit homeownership long term.  Sam Khater, the Chief Economist for Freddie Mac stated “From 1968 to 2008 a span of 40 years, there was only 1 year in which fewer new housing units were built than in 2017 AND this was despite rising demand in a growing economy”

Golden Knights time….they have had some great wins lately, but we have to rally make sure we beat the teams we are supposed to beat like the Kings.  We cannot lose to them 5-1 as they are currently a sub-par team record wise.

According to Las Vegas Now.com,  Online retail giant Amazon is set to open its sixth fulfillment center in Nevada in just a couple of months. The word that comes to mind to describe the facility is massive. It’s nearly 900,000 square feet and four floors. That’s about nine super Walmart’s worth of space. This is the company’s fourth one in North Las Vegas and will be filled with books and small electronics.

Until next time my friends….be warm and safe out there.