This week on Down and Dirty with John Drennen:

First up, it’s NHL season! The Vegas Knights return to the ice this Thursday to defend their Western Conference Championship. It’s bound to be a crazy night in Vegas!

Mortgage rates are around .75% worse than at the beginning of the year.

MLB Playoffs! It’s going to be a fight to this finish between the final teams. Who do you think will take the top spot this year?

The Las Vegas Review Journal announced the groundbreaking of the next big part of the Las Vegas skyline. In a partnership between Madison Square Garden and the Las Vegas Sands, the skyline will soon hold the 18,000-foot MSG Sphere.

The Kansas Chiefs and the Rams are the only defeated teams left in the NFL this season.

Housing news: As of the August report, Las Vegas housing area has increased .5%, which is actually a deacceleration from .62% in July.

Finally, this week marks one year since the Las Vegas Shooting, which claimed 58 lives and affected thousands more. We will be thinking of them all week here at Drennen Las Vegas Home Loans.