Documents You Need When Applying For a Home Loan

When you meet with a loan officer in Las Vegas to apply for a home loan, it is important to be prepared. Mortgage loans involve an application process, and the application requires several forms of paperwork and information that are used to analyze applications. Bringing all of these documents with you to your meeting will help the loan application process to go as smoothly as possible.

documents needed for home loan

Documents Needed For Home Loan

Proof of Identity

You need to bring at least two types of proof of your identity when meeting with the mortgage loan officer. Some acceptable options include your valid state driver’s license, social security card, United States passport or state identification card. You should also be prepared to sign documents allowing the loan officer to do a background check and credit check on you.

Proof of Income and Tax Payments

You will need to show proof of your income. This includes your earnings from your primary and any secondary jobs. If you have other income, such as alimony, child support, interest or stock dividends, also bring proof of those income streams. If you have a co-applicant for the mortgage loan, the co-applicant should bring the same information. You may need to either bring your past one to five years of federal taxes or sign a form giving the loan officer permission to access your recent IRS tax filings. (Read all about living in Las Vegas here.)

Inventory of Debts and Assets

If you have debts, you will need to bring an inventory of them. The inventory should include a statement of the current amount due and a history of your payments. For example, some debts could include student loan debts, car loans or credit card debt. You should also bring a listing of your assets. This might include a 401(k) retirement plan statement, bank savings account, other property you own and your checking account balance.