Getting a mortgage can be a complex process for an American citizen to undertake. There may be even more hurdles for those who are permanent residents or in the country on work visas. However, most who reside in the country legally can apply for both traditional and government-backed home loans.


Applying for a Home Loan As a Permanent Resident

If you are a permanent resident of the United States, the mortgage application process is similar to the one a citizen would go through. You will need to show tax returns for the previous two years and show proof of sufficient income to repay the mortgage. Furthermore, you will need to show a continuous credit history while in the country.


Applying for a Home Loan While in America on a Work Visa

As someone who is in the country on a work visa, you can apply for traditional, FHA or other mortgages. However, you will need to show that you have the authorization to work in the United States for at least a year after gaining approval for your mortgage. It will also be necessary to show proof of income as well as proof of an adequate credit score and history. In some cases, lenders will accept credit reports from other countries if they can be used to gauge a person’s ability to pay.


Mortgage Brokers Can Help You Learn More About Your Options

The best Las Vegas mortgage brokers can help you decide what loan type is best for your specific situation. They can also help you figure out how to show proof of income or otherwise meet the standards that mortgage lenders impose on anyone applying for a home loan. This may make it easier to find the home that you want at a price you can afford.